Sharjah Residence, UAE

Residential, International
Sharjah, United Arab Emirates
Mr. Shah Sanu
2023 - 2023
Lead Consultants providing Architectural Services upto Schematic Stage
Located in the growing suburb of Al-Suyoh, in Zone C of the Almass Villas masterplan, a prominent land plot development in Tilal City, Sharjah, the residence is a two storeyed, contemporary luxury private detached villa with an area of 450 sqm. Guided by development controls that stipulate rectilinear built forms, the design was conceptualized as a series of interlocking juxtapositions of blocks of varying sizes to create visual texture. Soft, curved edges have been introduced to break the rigidity of the straight lines and cubic forms and differentiate the villa from other residences in the dense neighbourhood.
An aluminum screen, conceived as an external architectural element, provides an additional layer of privacy to the bedrooms whilst also bringing coherence to the design. The restrained colour palette on the exterior augments the gentle yet austere feel of the villa.