Rockland Office Interior

Kirimandala Mawatha, Colombo 05
Rockland Distilleries (Pvt) Ltd
2018 - 2019
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Interior Design, MEP Engineering and Project Management from inception to completion

Rockland Distilleries, one of the first commercial distilleries and oldest companies in the country, commissioned the modern re-interpretation of its office spaces with an individual and localized identity to usher the nearly hundred year-old company, its team, culture and working practices into a new era. 

The interior refurbishment of the 2,000 sqm, four-storeyed commercial building involved new office layouts with restrooms, bespoke furniture detailing and the installation of new electrical and mechanical ventilation systems.   

The design intent of creating a warm, cultured and collaborative office environment was realised through the reconfiguration of the interior layouts in an open office arrangement complemented by quiet patterns and materiality, soft corners and smooth transitions from space to space. The open office is composed of clusters of workstations with break-out spaces that connect teams to ideate and co-create; hierarchy is minimized with no individual offices. The circulation design encourages a natural flow between workspaces to strengthen the organization’s culture and enhance productivity. 

With exposed ceilings, exposed brick walls and muted floors, the interiors express the raw architecture of the space. The stripped-down look and minimal, earthy colour palette with rustic tones allow a soothing and liveable feel to the workspace. The waiting lounge area is defined by the warm, earthy tones of exposed brick which is further accentuated by the sombre warm glow from the ambient lighting. Light-coloured timber and warm, natural textures continue across the office spaces, however, with overhead lighting that has been adopted to facilitate employee comfort and efficiency. As means of better harnessing day-light, a significant portion of the boundary wall has been converted into a glazed curtain wall, creating a sense of openness within the main workspace. Semi-transparent private meeting rooms allow further visual permeability within the open office.  

The use of colour, texture and daylight combine to create a space that is evocative of the hues seen in dusky island spirits thereby aligning the interiors with the company’s brand.