Mixed Use Tower

Mixed Use
2021 - 2021
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Structure, MEP Engineering, Quantity Surveying & Project Management from inception to completion
Completed up to Concept Stage
Governed by the brief, programme and financial considerations, the global headquarters of a leading conglomerate was conceptualized as a thirty-two storeyed, mixed-use tower that fosters an environment to ‘live, work, shop & play’. Rooted to the urban fabric, the organic built form was generated as a sensitive response to the site shape. Housing office, residential, retail and other amenity components with ample upper-level parking, the design rethinks the norm of an all-glass tower.
Incorporating a higher proportion of solid panels for a low carbon footprint, the façade follows a ‘saw tooth’ arrangement of alternating solid and glazed panels that help mitigate solar heat gain while optimizing views. The usage and placement of glass is dependent on the context and functions of the space. The skin has a dynamic movement and is perceived differently from various angles and time of the day, creating an engaging visual experience for the onlooker.
The ground level is green, warm and welcoming. The massing of the lower levels is arranged in a stepped profile to carve out a multiple height verandah to create a strong street presence and cater to the walk-in customer. Presented as a green podium, the parking levels are designed for flexibility and are naturally lit and ventilated. Unused nooks and corners in the floor plate are populated with planters optimizing vegetation to create visual relief from the built fabric. A range of amenities thread throughout the tower providing convenience, dining, health and recreational choices to the users, reinforcing the building’s value to its community and offering a marketable value for the developers. Upon completion, the tower is expected to become part of a vibrant mixed-use cluster of commercial, culture, lifestyle and development.