Majestic City Shopping Complex

Station Road, Bambalapitiya
CT Land Development PLC
1988 - 1995
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Interior Design, Structure, MEP Engineering & Project Management from inception to completion
Majestic City, Sri Lanka’s first purpose-built shopping complex, stands as an architectural icon in the Colombo cityscape, having been completed between 1989 & 1993 and retaining its prominence to date. Regarded as one of DG5’s legacy projects, the four storeyed mall, constructed in two phases, revolutionized the local shopping experience with its array of multi-level shopping areas, multi-storey atrium, dedicated food court with restaurant dining, children’s play area, banking facilities, multiplex cinema and basement parking all harmoniously united under one roof.
The well thought out spatial planning of the complex, climaxing at the multi-level atrium, has resulted in creating a functional, vibrant public space hosting a myriad of communal activities that ensured a constant flow of visitors of all ages.
A novel construction during its time, the MC pioneered the use of new materials and building technologies in the local industry. Notably, it was the first building to introduce coloured aluminum members to Sri Lanka, showcasing DG5’s commitment to pushing boundaries in construction. The use of coloured aluminum members in the atrium fascia and English tiles within the corridors along with the inclusion of a polycarbonate skylit dome roof exemplify the innovation and attention to detail in the project. Such design decisions have translated into a worthwhile investment for the client as the meticulously curated quality finishes have retained their good condition even three decades later.
The MC was awarded the Design Award by the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects in the Commercial Category in 1992 & 2000.