Lumiére Residencies

M.E.D. Dabare Mawatha, Colombo 05
DGS Holdings (Pvt) Ltd.
2004 - 2009
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Structure, MEP Engineering, Quantity Surveying & Project Management from inception to completion
Lumiére Residencies, eponymously named after the French word for ‘light’, embodies its core design philosophy of harnessing natural light to create a lofty, high-end residential experience. Set back from the busy Colombo streets, the eight storey, low-volume development tailored for a niche clientele, is nestled within a peaceful enclave in Dabare Mawatha where it stands in perfect balance of city proximity and rural serenity.
Comprising of twenty-nine light-filled apartments, including twin-level four-bedroom units and an expansive 280 sqm penthouse on the eighth floor, the design places a strong emphasis on creating a comfortable, practical and livable environment through its layout. The rooftop consists of an entertainment area for the tenants with a clubhouse, a recreational pool and a fully equipped gym. The entire building, including its AC system component, benefits from a comprehensive 100% backup power supply system.
The building exploits the sustainable paradigm of maximising the environmental benefits of a compact, middle-rise form with an efficient design that reduces the need for mechanical cooling systems and artificial lighting. This has been achieved by the substantial external face present in all habitable areas that ensures the spaces are bathed in natural light and are amply cross ventilated. Lumiére Residencies was recognized as the first Sri Lankan-designed project to earn accolades in the Best Architecture (Multiple Units) category at the Asia Pacific Residential Property Awards in 2010.