Jetwing Jaffna

Clock Tower Road, Jaffna
Yarl Hotels (Pvt) Ltd
2013 - 2016
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Structure, MEP Engineering, Interior Design and Project Management from inception to completion

Jetwing Jaffna was the first star class hotel establishment built in Jaffna following the aftermath of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009. 

Located in the heart of the city along the historical Clock Tower Road, the eight storey hotel comprises of 55 rooms and a roof terrace dedicated for entertainment with views towards the lively low-rise city, its lagoons, the Jaffna Dutch Fort and the Indian Ocean.  

The luxury hotel captures the cultural essence of its context throughout its architecture and interior design. Deriving inspiration from regional culture, a key design feature is the façade lattice work, reminiscent of those seen across houses in the Jaffna peninsula.  The lattice not only contextualises the building but also frames views into the landscape while creating striking patterns of light and shade in the restaurant interior. The roof terrace, overlooking the lagoon, is shaded by a concrete pergola that harnesses the strong northern sunlight to add dramatic value to the entertainment spaces. 

The rooms are touched with tasteful vibrant hues that complement the warm colour palette and traditional wall art derived from the cultural fabric of its surroundings. Sketches were developed with a local artist to create Hindu inspired figures and scenes, drawn in Kandyan era art style and accompanied by a verse from local poetry, to produce an artwork that is inherently Sri Lankan.  

The reception and lobby spaces embody ethnic antique styles which infuse culture to the spatial experience. Illustrating high levels of craftsmanship, the interior design, incorporating handcrafted timber furniture with intricate motifs, gilded ornate statues, patterned bright silks, fabric ceilings, vintage patterned floors and bespoke luminaires, is a sensitive reflection of the local culture and ethos.