Independent Aged Living Residences, Australia

Healthcare, International, BIM
Fairway Drive, Norwest, NSW, Australia
2022 - 2022
Lead Design Partner providing Architectural Services for Concept & DA Stage in collaboration with Beta Solutions Architects
Completed up to Concept & Pre DA Stage
The Independent Living Units in Norwest, Australia marked DG5’s second collaboration with the Sydney-based aged care facility developers. The project involves the development of 125 senior housing units and a community pavilion in a 1.8 ha site located 35km north-west of the Sydney CBD. Designed as a peripheral ring of nine residential buildings of a relatable scale around a central courtyard, the scheme forms a readable cohesive architectural language relating to the unit layouts. The central green is the main focal point of the development with a link to the golf course bordering the rear of the site and is celebrated as a soothing open space for residents to enjoy. The street façade line relates to the neighbouring retirement village reinforcing a cohesive urban character whilst the distinct roofscape relates back to the locality. A basement level spread across the site houses the services and provides ample vehicular parking.
DG5’s engagement was structured to involve initial planning, regulatory and feasibility analysis to finalize the project brief including the unit mix and sizing, develop the concept design and lead the development application phase. DG5 attended key consultant meetings and coordinated with numerous engineering consultants, allied professionals and the multiple stakeholders involved in the design process, during the course of the engagement.