Havelock Heights

Mayura Place, Colombo 06
CML MTD Construction Ltd.
2017 - 2019
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Structure, MEP Engineering, Quantity Surveying & Project Management from inception to completion
Discontinued at Tender Stage
Housing 384 apartments in three distinct types, the luxury residential development Havelock Heights is designed to have a striking built form made up of projecting volumes that create a strong vertical emphasis. The textured form, which articulates the different apartment configurations externally, is underscored by the cantilevered upper strata which sets apart Havelock Heights as a standout marker on the Colombo skyline.
The thirty-two storeyed tower features a podium whose datum responds to the building heights of the kovil and mosque adjacent to the site. The low-rise parking podium is sensitive to human scale and features a warm material palette that references the area’s local streets. The podium level provides a cluster of “get together” and community spaces including a multi-purpose function hall, yoga center, gymnasium, children’s play area, multi sports areas, library, swimming pool complemented with a children’s pool and public gardens. Particular consideration has also been given to the public realm and the creation of a retail zone including a mini supermarket at the ground level that is accessible by the mass community frequenting the religious buildings in the vicinity. The apartment interiors are based on functional ‘L’ shaped layouts that form the primary building block of the tower. The ‘L’ shape of the units allows visual connections, cross ventilation and ample natural light into the apartments to create a livable environment. The tower, topped by green roofs, is designed to be environmentally efficient, maximising natural light and ventilation to reduce energy use.