Faculty of Technology, University of Sabaragamuwa

Sabaragamuwa University
2019 - 2019
Design & Build Project - Sanken Joint Venture
Bid Entry

The bid entry for the Faculty of Technology at the University of Sabaragamuwa was conceptualized as a sustainable, efficient and uplifting scheme, sensitive to its surroundings whilst responding to the needs of the students – functional and spatial, measurable and intangible. The design creates a green central courtyard as the ‘heart’ of the scheme – a focus for the surrounding buildings – which will anchor the Faculty of Technology by serving as a breathing space and communal core. Accommodating both extroverted and introverted views, the design adopts raising buildings on stilts and integrating retaining walls with trees and ground cover to enhance aesthetics and mitigate environmental concerns. Privacy and security are ensured through well-designed screens, creating a personalized and sensitive environment for students. Sustainability was considered as a core principle, balancing practical needs with an invigorating design to foster an enriching learning experience.