Department of Meteorology

Bauddhaloka Mawatha, Colombo 07
Department of Meteorology
2020 - 2020
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Structure, MEP Engineering, Interior Design and Project Management from inception to completion
Tender Stage

The ultra-modern Weather Monitoring and Reporting Centre for the National Department of Meteorology is a carefully considered infill in the Met Dept premises, among existing buildings, equipment and vegetation. 

The building, which is designed to house high-tech equipment, is laid out in a concave shape, filling the gap between two existing buildings creating a sense of continuity, leading to a cohesive spatial environment. The deeply set-in building line creates a generous forecourt within the premises allowing ample space for vegetation. Pedestrian networks to and between the buildings nestle around the vehicle free, broad  garden zone. The focal point of the complex, the building acts as the binding agent of the scatted landscape greeting visitors with its light, contemporary, open feel and generous public space. 

The design features a deep overhang supported by a triple height colonnade, and a sleek, well shaded glazed facade that follows the building curvature. A bold central, curved staircase serves as a connective heart facilitating visual connectivity within the spaces. 

The design was established through a process of detailed analysis, including massing and daylight studies that identified the ideal building orientation, form and distribution of spaces, to fulfil sustainable considerations. Aligned with effective solar protection, the built form reduces heat gain allowing for a sustainable and efficient building. Floor to ceiling glazing and generous ceiling heights allow natural light to flood the office spaces, enhancing employee wellbeing. Aside from the natural glare-free light into all internal spaces, the building incorporates rainwater harvesting and solar collection as energy efficient green features.  

Human centric, environmentally respectful and energy efficient, the new Department of Meteorology has been designed to achieve the Platinum Green Building certification.