Dentsu Grant Group Office Interior

Thimbirigasyaya Road, Colombo 05
Dentsu Grant Group
2019 - 2019
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Interior Design, MEP Engineering and Project Management from inception to completion

One of the top advertising and creative agencies in the country, Dentsu Grant, commissioned the redesign and refurbishment of its office space to re-interpret the corporate domain of its day-to-day office and provide the young staff with a dynamic and inclusive work environment. The requirement was to create multifunctional areas that reflected the client’s creative and interactive nature as well as house the various disciplines and subsidiary firms that make up the Agency. Bespoke furniture and partitioning designs were part of the interior design and fitout. 

In keeping with the client’s brief, the architectural concept was realized by creating a central, open collaborative office space with partitioned cubicles along the rear and side periphery. The open plan workspace has been designed to adapt to employees’ needs, offering a variety of flexible working environments which allow staff to work creatively and fluidly across teams and projects. The use of nude materials such as veneered plywood, metal meshes, blackboards and copious amounts of lush potted planting have also contributed towards achieving the concept. The interior spaces also contain lively pastel hues that are tied together with a varied toned timber floor to add an understated dynamism. The use of colourful caricatures on lockers and blackboard partitions introduces a sense of joviality into the atmosphere. The existing angular corner of the building was used as an opportunity to create an informal meeting and presentation space cum library for the staff.  

Lighting, air-conditioning and other service lines remain exposed excluding a ceiling with an industrial aesthetic. The combined workstations, lounge chairs, meeting pods and reception counter were among the bespoke furniture pieces designed by DG5 to achieve the envisaged design intent. The interior design is tailored to the client’s working culture and operational needs and contributes towards building a friendly and productive ambience that breaks away from the rigidity of the workplace and instead focuses on boosting interaction and creativity.