Claessen Place Multi-Unit Residence

Claessen Place, Colombo 05
2019 - 2023
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Structure, MEP Engineering, Interior Design and Project Management from inception to completion
Construction Stage

The Claessen Place Residence is a distinctive and exclusive multi-unit residence built for a group of family members as clients. Located in the elite residential cove of Colombo, the brief was for a modern and interactive private residential complex which replaced a traditional single storey bungalow style house on the property.   

Standing three stories tall, the multi-unit concrete residence blends into the broader urban landscape through its unique façade manipulations to remain a non-imposing structure. The slender vertical GI box bars that form the facade fenestrations tactfully break the density of the structure. The bars also act as support for creepers and other vertical planting introduced to grow into a living green wall. Internally, the permeable façade gives rise to playful patterns of light and shade adding a layer of dynamism to the space.  

Generous, wide balconies and terraces topped by lush potted plants wrap around each floor filling the living spaces with natural light. The design seeks to blur the boundaries between inside and outside living, with the large glass doors that slide back providing an unobstructed flow of space between the interior and the transitional balconies that connect to the exterior.  

Reflecting the high levels of craftsmanship in the design, each element has been designed to respond to the specific requirements of the client – from hand-carved solid timber doors to bespoke vintage patterned cement tiles in the bathrooms and select floors. The gable pavilion structures at the rooftop, gable ceilings, solid timber floors, handcrafted pattern tile and terrazzo floors coupled with the usage of concrete, glass and steel showcase a synergistic combination between contemporary architecture and vintage design elements. The overall architectural language is sleek, with clean building edges, projecting a minimalistic approach to both the exterior and interior. 

A 20m long uniform, rooftop pool further emphasises the geometric simplicity of the spaces while also artfully reflecting the residence and surrounding trees. 

Reimagining this new building type, the design offers an innovative layout that redefines the concept of extended family living.