Barnes Valley

Barnes Place, Colombo 07
2020 - 2020
Lead Consultants providing Consortium Services for Architecture, Interior Design, Ladscape Design, Sructure, MEP Engineering, Quantity Surveying & Project Management from inception to completion
Completed up to Concept Stage
Commissioned by one of the first commercial distilleries in the country, the project involved the interior design and architectural uplifting of the exterior of the existing building to create a flagship wine store, bar and restaurant for a specific wine brand.
The design concept drew inspiration from a combination of ‘Green,’ ‘Screen,’ ‘Terracotta,’ and ‘Timber’ elements, with a strong focus on incorporating lush greenery and multi-coloured vegetation. The carefully curated, vibrant vegetation was thoughtfully integrated into the landscape to infuse the design with energy and vitality.
The main aim of the interior concept was to prominently feature the spirits as showcase items. Bespoke furniture and display units were meticulously crafted to achieve this objective. The use of fluid, curved edges in the furniture and fit outs further accentuates the interior, creating an inviting and dynamic ambiance.