Barangaroo Pier Pavilion, Australia

Public, International
Barangaroo South, NSW, Australia
NSW Government
2020 - 2020
Outsourced Consultants providing Architectural Services in collaboration with Archt. Mark Boffa
Competition Entry
Submitted as an entry to the 2020 Barangaroo Pier Pavilion Design Competition, the proposal presented a design that is sensitive and sympathetic to its woven landscape whilst echoing the nature of Barangaroo. Conceptualized to be more than a silhouette on the water’s edge or a landmark in the city fabric, the pavilion is a resourcefully modulated canopy hovering over a minimal structure allowing for a multitude of possibilities and spontaneity suggestive of growth and evolution.
The program for the pavilion is organized in vertical layers with the ability to switch from a passive everyday mode to a full-blown event mode with endless iterations in between. The robust structure is designed to be transformative, augmented by additional lighting, audio-visual and environmental controls, integrated drop-down elements and temporary amenities discreetly incorporated in the ceiling, structure and ground.