Assisted Living Residential Care Facility, Australia

Healthcare, BIM, International
Thirroul, NSW, Australia
2021 - 2022
Outsourced Consultants providing Architectural Services in collaboration with Curzon + Partners for the DA Stage
The Assisted Living Residential Care Facility located in Thirroul, Australia, with potential views towards the Thirroul beach, has been designed to fit into its low density and fine grain residential urban setting, unique topography and environmental context. The building has been broken down into a series of individual pavilions to continue the rhythm and scale of the street, with each individual pavilion responding to the natural topography of the street by stepping down at differing levels.
The pavilions have been articulated to create a rich variety of forms by setting back the upper levels and expressing a series of single storey elements whilst the sculptural curved roofs, inspired by the coastal context, provide an elegant and gentle aesthetic, deep shade and weather protection to the balconies. The varied articulation of roofs, massing and orientation gives each pavilion its own individual character and materiality whilst maintaining the architectural language.
DG5 collaborated closely with the design architect Curzon + Partners, to design, coordinate and produce the development approval (DA) drawing and documentation package including the design report and 3D photomontages based on the pre-DA drawings. During the design process, DG5 participated in high-level design meetings with the various stakeholders and coordinated with a multitude of allied professionals and specialists for technical feedback.